Impact Of Digital Media On E-Commerce

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In the contemporary society, the use of e-commerce has gained much popularity among many nations globally. This has been enhanced by the use of digital media which, has to a large extent boosted the way such activities are carried out. E-commerce is the transaction by which individuals do the act of buying and selling of products and services through online platforms. This paper, therefore, sheds light on how digital media have influenced the field of e-commerce in the US, France, and German.
Electronic commerce has been there for a long time now, and it is a practice that is practiced by peoples from Germany, France, and the US on a daily basis. Since its inception around 40 years ago, e-commerce has continued to grow as innovations, technologies and a lot of business reverting to the use of the e-commerce. The aspect of buying and selling of goods in the early 1960s was sluggish with the traditional way of mailing of documents being replaced with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which would later pave a way to the electronic commerce. After the e-commerce, however, the practice was not more reliable as it still had many challenges (Tsolis, 2009). For instance, it was not easy for buyers to see products from the comfort of their homes and more so, the methods of accessing the information were limited.
Digital media has had much influence on the field of e-commerce in today’s business environment in the US. Initially, it was not easy for individuals to buy products
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