Impact Of Digital Technology On Children

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Lunar Singsomphone
English 105-014
Fall 2017
The Impact of Digital Technology on Today’s Children
In a world dominated by technology, it is appropriate for adults to have concerns about the impact it is having on children. While most of this concern does stem from the experiences of their own childhood when there was less technology, more play time outside, and life was just simply much easier, the fact of the matter is that the children today and the future generations to come are going to grow up in a technological realm. Today, children as young as four years old, are regularly using digital technology on multiple different platforms such as the Internet, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. A 2013 Nielsen Connected Devices report found that in households that have a tablet and/or computer and with children under 12 years of age, 70% of the children used the tablet; 70% of those children used it for entertainment purposes, and 57% used the tablet for educational purposes. The report, of course, raises the obvious question of rather or not early exposure of digital technology can have negative effects on child development especially regarding their brains. In truth, there is no easy answer because like most things in life, there are both good and bad attributes to it and the exact same thing can be applied in this situation. For instance, while technology can be used for positive educational purposes, there are also serious psychological concerns.
The digital technology
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