Impact Of Diversity On Academic Achievement

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Many people have come to realize that diversity has an impact on academic outcomes, and yet many people still believe that the impact of diversity is negative due to the understanding that students of different cultures tend to have generally lower scores on standardized test. What many don’t know is that diversity can have a positive impact on students’ academic achievement, rather than a negative. Exposure to diversity has a positive impact on academic achievement in many ways, through advanced student learning, cognitive performance and when properly used.
There has been many studies proving that diversity can positively impact student performance. In this cross- national study done to prove that cultural diversity in the classroom will increase academic performance. This study involved 150 schools within 57 countries on a basis of 15-year-old students. 35 students were selected from each school to complete a series of test. From those results the subjects were scaled to a mean score for immigrant and native students. Studies showed that cultural diversity had a positive impact on academic performance, for both native and immigrant students. In all areas of this study, there was a positive correlation between the amount of racial diversity present and the increase in academic performance. (Konan) In a similar situation, a study was done to properly show that impact of diversity on academic outcomes. In this method, many factors were involved including contact diversity,…
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