Impact Of Diversity On Campus Impact On Academic And Social Effects

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It is a common expectation nowadays at schools, colleges, and workplaces to be able to respect diversity, speak multi languages and communicate in a highly skilled manner. Humankind and society demand a successful intercultural communication to survive. Having the understanding of communication among people from different regions, languages, and cultures is critically important. For instance, 500 companies advocate that diversity is essential for the bottom line and came out with agreement to support race- based admission policies such as Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Hewlett-Packard. All students on campus can get benefit from diversity because diversity leads people to learn from a variety of backgrounds and enhance innovation and collaboration. Research indicate that increasing the racial diversity on campus impact the academic and social effects positively. However, to enhance and promote diversity, one must be able to comprehend culture concept fully and appreciate the value of different cultures.


Culture can be defined as information system which has a unique meaning that allows a group of population to meet basic needs among generation. Culture is shaped by coordinating social attitude, to have the meaning of happiness and to derive meaning from life.

According to A CBS News research in 2009, the majority of Americans support diversity on college campuses through race policies in Higher Education. This statistic give an indicator that
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