Impact Of E Commerce On Business

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Task 1: 1.1.1
In the UK, the retail industry is very competitive and every company is looking for a competitive edge over the other. They use techniques such as better services, lower prices, and customer feedback to lure more customers into their businesses. However, one sure way some of the retail shops have been able to break off is through migration to e-commerce and turning their stores into e-business hubs. The strength of this migration cannot be ignored since some of the success stories of organizations as well as retail businesses have been attributed to the digital migration towards e-commerce (Hoover, 2009).
In this chapter, I am going to review 3 organizations that have been successful in e-commerce no matter their areas of specialization:-
Iceland Food Ltd
Iceland Food Ltd was founded in 1969, when Malcolm Walker and Peter Hinchcliffe established the first store in Leg Street, Oswestry, in England. At the time, they were employees of Woolworths and fired after the employer discovered their side business. At that time, they specialized in loose frozen foods and made huge profits making it thus opening several stores across England. As the company grew, it peaked in 2001 and was hit by controversies including Malcolm Walker being accused of selling the company’s shares and later resigning. By 2003, the company had collapsed (Hoover, 2009).
Malcolm would later join the company in…

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