Impact Of E Commerce On Global Economy

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Introduction Impact of E-Commerce on Global Economy It is exciting area especially E-Commerce. The advancement in World Wide Web, computers and mobile wireless communication technologies are transforming the way business is conducted. The success stories of Amazon, eBay are few examples. New technologies have provided the required platform for innovation, growth, shopping convenience, and price advantage due to the boundary less competition. Business leaders across the industry are developing new strategies to adopt new technologies like, internet, wireless mobile devices, and social media to conduct business with increased market reach and efficiency to improve market share and profitability. Management issues Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is often thought simply to refer to buying and selling using the Internet; people immediately think of consumer retail purchases from companies such as Amazon. But e-commerce involves much more than electronically mediated financial transactions between organizations and customers. E-commerce should be considered as all electronically mediated transactions between an organization and any third-party it deals with. As Kalakota and Whinston (1997) stated, e-commerce has many perspectives.The communications perspective, business process perspective, service perspective, and online perspective for buying and selling of products and information online are few to consider for developing e-commerce strategy. Different types of
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