Impact Of Economic Growth On The Environment

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I. Introduction The drive for prosperity and economic growth by developing countries has had enormous consequences on the environment. The negative effects of these industrialisation and massive expansions along economic lines, without proper environmental impact analysis and environmental expertise has led to the degradation of the environment in a very rapid manner. Especially in nowadays, as the environment problem is increasingly severe, more people desire to live in a clean environment. The G20 has already made several suggestions on how to solve the environmental problems as part of their agenda. So, to see how the economic growth impact the environment and to find the reason is very important. In this paper, we shall be focusing on the impact of increasing GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on the environment of some developing countries around the world. We shall find some indicators of pollution (CO2 Emissions, Forest size as percentage of land) and compare them with GDP per capita to find the relationship among them. We will investigate whether the impact of increase in GDP per capita on the environment is determined by institutional quality .This paper will look at the impact of GDP per capita growth on the environment of China, Chile, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will be used to measure the economic growth rate of these countries with a focus on a sample period of ten years, which will focus on a period of year
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