Impact Of Education On The Construction Of School Education

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Social and cultural life environment has always been a very important impact on the construction of school education. It may be with the school education to promote each other, or may also interfere with and weaken the purpose of school education. With the reform and opening up, the overall promotion of the socialist market economy, the growing prosperity of the cultural market to change the face of social and cultural life. This has had a great impact on the curricular and extracurricular cultural life of primary and secondary school students of different classes. The two environments of the school can determines the level of the knowledge that students can acquire, it incarnates the specific communities social status. Most upper class…show more content…
Also fully aware of its privileged position in society. The educational inequality of the rich and the poor leads to the high social status of the family, and the students with wealthy economic background can choose "elite school", and families with low social status and poor economic conditions can only send their children to "lower working class school". This caused by the gap between rich and poor in the various economic strata. Many rich children can afford high accommodation and so on, and can enjoy superior educational service. But for more children of poor families, they do not have the same resources as them since lack of the funding. We all know that Public education in the United States is borne by the federal, state, and local governments. The state government 's spending on public education is the largest, and the poorer states get more state fundings. However, the local government has played a vital role in the gap between rich and poor. The more wealthy community, the more money that the school can get. Because the money is from the taxpayer, the rich people certainly reported a higher tax. In fact, the gap between the rich and the poor has created inequality in their children 's basic education. According to the chapter, “While the same arithmetic book was used in all five schools, the teacher in one working-class school commented that she skipped pages dealing with mathematical reasoning and inference because they were too hard. The teacher in

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