Impact Of Electronic Banking On Customer Satisfaction And Bank Profitability Essay

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Cover Page ACCT University Impact of Electronic Banking products to customer satisfaction and bank profitability Ishmael Sillah Number 9 CIS 500 10-28-2016 Abstract In the world today, majority of the work we perform in our different organisations are done with the use of technology. These technological products have been one main reason why most organisations are successful and efficient in their line of business today. Previously in the banking industry, traditional banking (i.e Brick and mortar/Branches) was the only way banking was conducted and every customer was forced to walk to the banks premises before transaction can be consummated. The introduction of electronic banking products such as ATMs, Credit/Debit cards, Online Banking, etc has played a major role by not only providing convenience of service to customers, but also led to an increase in customer base, profit maximization, cost reduction, reduction in error rate and efficiency in turnaround time. Because of these few reasons, every bank is incorporating electronic banking services to maintain standards and business continuity and also get competitive advantage over their competitors. This study examined the impact of electronic banking products to customer satisfaction and bank profitability. Case in point “Commercial Banks in Sierra Leone”. Keywords: Traditional Banking, Electronic Banking, ATM, Credit/Debit Cards, Online Banking, Customers, Branches, Technological products, organisations.
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