Impact Of Enterprise Applications On Organizational Effectiveness

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MGMT5853: Management Information Systems

Abimbola Bamigbola
December 6, 2014
The Impact of Enterprise Applications on Organizational Effectiveness Introduction to Enterprise resource planning
The rapidly changing environment of business technology and communication complied with rising global competition forces organizations to maintaining efficient and resourceful business tactics. Business organizations need to be continuously upgrading their business processes. These processes are the ways in which these different business organizations perform their operational tasks. The resources that these companies utilize are the necessary tools that help them accomplish their specific goals and defined objectives. Organizations who for the most part are constantly competing now require tools that are effective and efficient. Tools such as effective information systems and policies that provide would them access to important and reliable information so that they can maintain a competitive edge.
Resources are assets of an enterprise that are assigned to activities and used in the process of producing an output, product or services (Murthty, 2008). These resources range from information technology to business tools that facilitate sales and customer satisfaction. An ERP system is an envelope surrounding numerous applications and related resources. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are specialized packaged software designed for a client server environment, whether
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