Impact Of Entrepreneurship

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INTRODUCTION: Global development is inflowing a phase where Entrepreneurship will gradually play an important role in the economic development. Entrepreneurship has been gaining power from the past decades. In the present scenario, Entrepreneurship was influenced by many factors like social, cultural, economic, political and etc (BrajaballavKar, Dr.RamakantaMishra, & Dr.JitendraMohanty, 2014). Among all other factors the impact of socio cultural factors in the economy was large. Mostly in the developing countries like India the socio cultural factors play an important in influencing entrepreneurship. Most of the studies have concentrated on the economic, social dimensions of the entrepreneurship none of the study reveals the socio cultural…show more content…
Sociologists say that socio cultural status of entrepreneurs, family, caste and religion play an important role in the socio cultural entrepreneurship. They conclude that socio cultural diversity, social acceptance, socio cultural support for entrepreneurs, socialization, socio cultural environment, family relations and support, social attitude play an important role in the socio cultural entrepreneurship (DharmendraKumar, 2014). Rahma (2014) in his article “socio cultural factors influencing entrepreneurship activities: A study on Bangladesh” say that religion, family, education, socio cultural features, poverty, gender role values, peer group influence to be an entrepreneurs, political instability play an important role in the socio cultural entrepreneurship. They concluded that this socio cultural factors influence on entrepreneurship will be positive or negative based on the society (RahmaAkhter & FrahanaRahmanSumi, Socio-Cultural factors infleuncing entreprneurial activities: A study on Bangladesh,
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