Impact Of European Imperialism

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European Imperialism: The Framework of the Third World
When examining the states from the first and third world, it is irresponsible not to recognize the relationship between being a former colony and a developing nation. Understanding the relationship between the first world and the third world is impossible without first understanding the impacts of European imperialism in the countries that they colonized. While colonizing states no longer directly rule over these nations, Europeans have left their former colonies in a position to be easily taken advantage of for financial and social gain. Conclusively, the advent of European colonialism and imperialism sparked by changing the economic and political environment established an exploitative relationship between states which became the framework for the modern international political and economic hierarchy.
However, before understanding the lasting impacts of imperialism, it is critical to understand what imperialism is and the environment that led to European colonization. Imperialism can be defined as the process of acquiring power through the procurement of territory and exploitation of its population and natural resources. Essentially the Europeans would take over a previously occupied nation, usually a nation of a different race or culture, with tactics of diplomacy or force. From there the Europeans would assert themselves at the top of the social structure and proceed to organize the population and land to extract
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