Impact Of Feminism On Individuals Within Society

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Impact To analyze the impact the three waves of feminism had on individuals within society, three interviews were conducted with women from different generations. The first interview was with Roberta, a 74-year-old woman who has been married for almost 55 years and has always defined herself first-and-foremost as a mother. She held a few odd jobs before and after she had kids in the home, but worked as a retail salesperson, a bank teller, and a school secretary. The second interviewee was Amy, a 45-year-old woman who is a mother of three and a secondary mathematics teacher. Finally, Callie, a 15-year-old woman who is primarily a student was interviewed. The first change between the three interviews was reflected in their overall view on…show more content…
Under the influence of Title IX, America has seen a large increase in women gaining a college education, and this was also supported in the progression of interviews conducted. Roberta did not gain a college education. At the time she graduated high-school, her main focus was on settling down and starting a family. However, that was natural for the women she was surrounded by in 1950. Additionally, there were not any laws preventing colleges from discriminating against women in regards to acceptance or the programs they allowed women to seek degrees in and no laws preventing employers from discriminating within their hiring processes. However, by the time Amy graduated in 1990, Title IX had long been implemented, and many women began seeking degrees in a wide variety of fields. Amy chose to get a degree in Secondary Education and Mathematics. In today’s world, there is an implication that every person is expected to go to college if they wish to be successful in their career pursuits, regardless of their gender. There is now a large initiative to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM fields. This initiative is so far-reaching it has even made its way into the mass marketing of television ads. A third interesting area that has a dynamic influenced by the feminist movements is the motherhood role. Although the feminist movement has made it socially acceptable for women to
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