Impact Of Genomics On Health And Disease

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Impact of Genomics in Health and Disease
The field of genomics has an incredible relevance starting from biomedical research to health care and then personalized health care to patient and their families. Over the last two decades, there has been great advances in the field of genomics, a discipline in medicine that involves a person’s genetic information and its use in the clinical practice for treatment and prevention of a disease. With the advancement in technological capabilities and addressing limitations in certain complex fields, genomic testing seems to be increasingly capable of detecting many disorders and diseases. For disorders with a suspected genetic origin, it has the potential to eventually become a universal first line
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However, these genomes do not tend to change in one’s lifetime – and this results in a lack of insight into DNA variations.
The Human Genome Project (HGP) that was started in 1990 is an example of an effort geared towards better understanding of DNA and its role. It was based on the recognition of DNA as the hereditary material, determination of its structure and genetic code, the development of recombinant DNA technologies and methods for DNA sequencing. The success of this project predicted an evolving area of personalized medicine and disease prevention based on genomic testing for genetic susceptibilities. During the past 2 decades so much has happened in the genomics field; from primary sequencing of genes to new technologies where genomic codes are studied and catalogued to makes interpretation of genes easier. Therefore, in order to advance human health particularly in the understanding of biology of genes, biology of disease, and translation of science into medicine and healthcare practice, we have come to a stage to take more evidence based decisions. With more information and understanding of this field, the experts also hoped that pharmacogenomics would allow us to develop safe drugs and find ways for their effective use. Initially, genomic testing was offered to a patient for diagnostic purposes- for those who had some types of characteristics suggestive of specific genetic susceptibility or for predictive purposes for those individuals
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