Impact Of Global Warming On The United States

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Global warming, which is making oceans warmer, is causing an increase in the strength of hurricanes that could affect the United States. Today, there are less category 1, 2, and 3 hurricanes approaching the United States annually. But to counterbalance this effect, the intensity and frequency of category 4 and 5 hurricanes are greatly increasing (Shulman, #6). Therefore, there are a great deal of category four and five hurricanes that are bound to affect the United States. To begin the study of hurricanes, the first thing to do is analyze how they are being impacted. All hurricanes that are forming now, are strongly affected by global warming. According to Oxford Dictionary, global warming is “a gradual increase in the overall…show more content…
Rising sea levels have caused tide lines to be increased by approximately 9.15 feet (Freedman, #3). This increase in tide makes all surrounding land very susceptible to damage, if a hurricane was to occur. Since studies show that during normal waters, tides can get this high, there is an approximation that water can reach up to 100 feet of just wave water in the event of a hurricane (Carey, #1). Also, because of global warming, sea levels are expected to rise an additional 2 feet in the next century (Freedman, #4). This is due to the melting of icebergs, ice caps, and arctic snow that eventually ends up in the oceans. With this additional 2 foot rise, coastal waters are expected to hit an all-time high. In addition to the rising of the tides, the actual area of the ocean will expand, causing any coastal industries, neighborhoods, or developments, to be highly susceptible of being underwater by the next century. Another effect of global warming is evaporating seawater. The temperature rise is forecasted to rise approximately 2.5 to 10 degrees in the next century (Jackson, #5). Since this heat is also warming the surface water of the ocean to above average temperatures, the water is slowly evaporating. Though this may sound like a good thing because sea levels are rising way too high, this is the leading factor of extreme power of hurricanes. As seawater evaporates, the water vapors that are now trapped in the air promote the longevity and size of
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