Impact Of Globalisation On Higher Education

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INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION James Silombo Student I.D Number 420178723.
Topic: What impacts has Globalisation had on higher education (HE)? A comparative study of Australia and United Kingdom.
Special Project Objective:
The primary objective of this special project is to present a critical review of comparative research into the impact of globalisation on higher education (HE) in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia. Emphasis will be placed on the historical and political-economic causes of globalisation and the associated neo-liberal ideology which is closely aligned with economic globalisation. It is intended to compare and contrast each impact’s effect and potentially explain similarities and differences despite the complexity of the subject matter. Additionally, the paper will provide an assessment, based on current literature and research, of the experience of each country in order to fathom how country-specific factors have differentiated each country’s response and adaptation to the demands of globalisation on higher education. It will provide examples from each country which demonstrate how that country has adapted its HE practices to accommodate globalisation and participate in an increasingly competitive global economy and knowledge-based societies.
Importance of the proposed research
A key outcome of this research will be to examine the work of leading scholars in order to ascertain a historically
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