Impact Of Globalisation On Higher Education

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Globalisation is the evolution of society which affect human life, education is one of those, especially in postgraduate degrees which receive the most influence from globalisation. The development in technologies and communication have produced a shift in learning system which affect cultures and national economic growth. Higher education systems has been transformed by globalisation, which is “the widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness” (Held et al., 1999, p.14). When examining the impact of globalisation on higher education all over the world, the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon have been widely mentioned. Some writers argue that globalisation has the destructive effect to the postgraduate system in developing nations and non-English speaking developed nations (Marginson, 2006). Although the downsides of globalisation to higher education remain highly controversial, the occurrence of this phenomenon could significantly encourage national universities and governments to develop their standard of higher education which will benefit to students (Damme, 2001). Globalisation could increase cultural exchange and multicultural reality as well. This article sets out to analyse critically the overview of globalisation and how it has valuable effects to higher education in long terms. There are a large number of definitions for “Globalisation” which could have different meaning for different people. According to Knight (2001), it
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