Impact Of Globalization On Culture, Social Structure, And Women 's Rights

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Impact of Globalization on Culture, Social structure, and Women’s Rights in the Middle East

Marisa DiGiuseppe
INS 201
Professor Rodriguez
October 7, 2014

Opposition to Globalization
Although globalization is at heart an economic process, it is a complex and multidimensional process, which has political, cultural, and social dimensions. These dimensions and globalization’s gender aspects has greatly influenced the life of women in the Middle East. The various aspects of globalization have promoted growing contacts between different cultures, leading partly to greater understanding and cooperation and partly to the emergence of transnational communities and mixed identities (Moghadam, Valentine).
The Library of Congress acknowledges that while many nations have embraced the changes globalization brings, more traditional societies have concerns about the nature of these changes and how their people will respond. Despite the increased international economic activities, diffusion of ideas, and mixing of cultures globalization is responsible for; the process has hardened the opposition of different identities. This opposition to globalization likely stems from the desire to maintain cultural integrity, to protect a nation’s heritage and religious traditions, and defend one’s social institutions amidst the global pressure to modernize and adopt new customs. This has taken the form of reactive movements in the Middle East, such as religious Islamic fundamentalism,

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