Impact Of Globalization On Indian Social Structure

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Caste has always been integral to the Indian social structure. Be it in the historical era or be it in the globalized era, caste has managed not to cease from the Indian society. Though the nature of caste system has changed tremendously, the basic crux remains the same, i.e. the majority of the backward castes/ social groups still remain backward. The globalization era might have an era of positive impact on nations world wide, ironically, it has managed to leave negative impacts too. Similarly, globalization has impacted caste too. It is a phenomenon that has not only led to pauperization but has rapidly increased social inequalities. In this paper, an attempt shall be made to analyze the impact globalization has left on castes. The following section of this paper shall try and reflect on issues like education, employment, poverty etc in context to Dalits in India.

The term globalization had started gaining prominence towards the end of twentieth century. Over the period of time, it has become one of the most discussed phenomenon. It is not about the process of international integration of nations and their economic activities, but as a matter fact, it is way more complex involving other factors like environmental challenges, politics and other socio-cultural aspects.
Speaking of globalization, it promises not just development and prosperity for all at a global level, but also ensures social welfare and freedom. However, in the past few years,
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