Impact Of Globalization On Sustainability And Sustainability

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Sustainability is one of the most discussed subjects at the present time. With global warming, increase in the population, clean water deficiency and shortage of food, people more and more thinking about how to make their life more sustainable. But what is sustainability? According to United Nations, “sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need.” To satisfy our needs we use natural resources as well as social and economic resources. Some of the resources are relatively easy to replenish and some of them – almost impossible. Efficient use of those resources is a sustainability. Even though almost everyone understands importance of sustainable life, we continue…show more content…
In addition, economical and natural resources are much cheaper in those countries. It is possible due to the fact that local governments are very interesting in bringing those companies to their countries in order to bring additional tax income to the federal and local budgets. However, this creates other problems that is closely related to the sustainability. Among those problems are: social and economic inequity, environmental pollutions, monopolism and others. Even though global companies create new jobs in the undeveloped countries, their also increase socioeconomic gap between different countries and people within the country. According to the World Bank globalization for the time period of 14 years, between 1990 and 2004, the amount of the people worldwide who lived on less than one US dollar a day decreased by 260 million from previous 1.25 billion people. This is definitely great improvement. However, the same source says the amount of poor people has increased by approximately 60 million. Furthermore, the income difference has increases as well, which means that rich people become even richer and poor people stay the same or have increased their income very slightly. Another negative affect of the globalization is increase in the pollution of the environment. With opening of new markets and demand increase more goods and services have to be produced to meet the demand.
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