Impact Of Globalization On The Changing Process Of Economic Development

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Although the organisational aspects and spatial aspects must also be looked at, the flows of globalisation including economic, environmental, political and cultural change must be looked at in terms of reconstructing places and specific communities (Knox and Marston, 2016). Global networks allow the flows of globalisation to be reconstructed rather than effaced. I will focus on the economic impact of globalisation on the changing process of economic character and development in London and Sydney.
Economic globalisation has been defined by (Cloke, Crang and Goodwin, 2013 p.414),” As the growing integration and interconnectedness of a range of different dimensions of the world economy”. (Cloke, Crang and Goodwin, 2013) talk
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A large portion of the establishments of todays apparently new "global" wonders go back in any event to the time of imperialism, at times prior. Besides, numerous "global" issues are exceedingly perplexing and show incredible spatial fluctuation, in this manner significance there are no simple arrangements. In understanding these global changes in London and Sydney.
Globalisation of the capitalist world has vastly increased since World War Two with the growing innovation of technology and communication, this has created a “ broadening global connectivity”(Knox and Marston, 2016 pg 86). Which with theses new innovations brings a quicker and more compelling method for transportation and correspondence in places like London, helping to increase economic global connectivity.
Globalisation has created a number of serious issues concerning “environmental ,health, core-periphery disparity and security issues” (Knox and Marston, 2016 pg. 88).These issues are reflected in London urban development as this place has been resisted and subverted by the structures of globalisation in terms of economic issues.
The capitalist and colonial flows of globalisation have allowed but the creation of world cities like London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. These cities London in particular are dominant economic and urban centres through business,
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