Impact Of Globalization On The Global Economy

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Globalization is interpreted in a variety of different ways. One way is that it introduces opportunities which further develops regions to progress and prosper in the global economy. In many cases globalization means the shift toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy. The world is moving away from self-contained national economies and toward an interdependent, integrated global economy. There is an insurmountable amount of ways to impact globalization but some include trade, people movement, communication and technology. In all cases, globalization increases the connectivity between cultures and nations, which helps accelerate advancements in society. Also, in a business tense, globalization leads to the creation of global customers as well as connecting the global market together. Many people ask the question, “is it possible to have a compatibility of profits with people and planet?” To answer this question, yes it is possible, but in order to do so companies need a goal of sustainability. Three factors lead to sustainability. People, planet and profit. All of these rely on fair business practices and beneficial environment practices. In order for a company reach sustainability, they will need to restructure the framework to a more sufficient one. This will allow people, planet, and profit to co-exist with one another and allow the company to prosper. This is a major thought for multinational companies to consider when they set up international operations.
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