Impact Of Globalization On The Middle East Essay

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1: Introduction This analysis is to explore the role the phenomenon of Globalization plays in the violent and non-violent conflict seen in the Middle East over the past decade and a half. Globalization has seen itself affect almost every aspect of human interaction; both domestic and internationally, over the past decade. From the information hub of the Internet, to instantaneous communication across the globe, travel speed and range dramatically increased and the integration of international finance, Globalization has affected the world in such fundamental ways where it is difficult to imagine a world without the commodities and globalized interactions we take for granted. But how have these aspects of globalization influenced and proliferated the growing conflict we have seen in the Middle East such as the growing threat of militant extremism and the Arab Spring phenomenon? I believe that with the spread of information (both factual and biased) through increased levels of international communication aided by the other affects of increased speed of travel and an integrated international finance system, conflict of this nature is no longer between states but instead of idealistic individuals and has proliferated the cause for conflict. More and more individuals across national borders are coming together for conflict of a particular ideal or set of ideals (both for peaceful and violent). I believe Globalization is at the center of what has made this phenomenon so wide
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