Impact Of Globalization On The Middle Of The Twentieth Century

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Ever since the beginning of time, man was infatuated by visiting, seeing and interacting with other societies. Over time globalization, as it was termed, accelerated at an exponential rate. There were two rather recent major periods of globalization over the past five hundred years, one which began in the late fifteenth century and the other started in the middle of the twentieth century. Each of these new eras marked developments in advancements in communication, human rights, woman’s rights, religiosity and philosophy, technology and lastly in economics. Europeans in the late fifteenth century were driven to explore. Shipping by sea was becoming popular. In the 1400s many European monarchs faced a problem, as they tried to import spices and silks from China and India, they were threatened by the Ottoman Empire who controlled Eastern Europe as well as the Venetian traders who economically ruled the Mediterranean Sea with high tariffs. To avoid being subservient to the Ottomans and Venice, the monarchies of Spain and Portugal, as well as other European countries began commissioning fleets of trading ships to find a route to Asia circumventing those locations. The Europeans discovered that by traveling below Africa through the Cape of Good Hope they could reach Asia without much problems. These ships needed to find places to port and the Europeans began setting up port cities along the African coastline. Originally when the Europeans moved into Africa they inhabited the
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