Impact Of Globalization On The Supermarket Tesco

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Harriet Elizabeth Farrow


Word Count: 1974
‘Explain the meaning of globalization and discuss critically, illustrating with examples, the impact globalization has had on a country, industry, or business of your choice.’

Globalization is not a new concept. It was first used in the 1970’s; however in recent years it has started to accelerate dramatically. Technological advancements, improved communications and the liberalization of trade have all contributed to increased globalization (BBC News, No Date]. The purpose of this essay is to explain the meaning of globalization, discuss the influence of globalization on the supermarket Tesco, and analyse the effects it has on the developing world. This essay will refer to Tesco, explaining the impacts that globalization has on their business.

Globalization is difficult to simply define due to the variety of changing definitions that have been established over previous decades. Hamilton and Webster (2012) suggest that globalization is the connection between nations, defining globalization as a process in which barriers are reduced in order to encourage exchanges between countries. This view proposes that globalization refers very much so to the trade barriers and the improved communications between countries in order to ensure the world is unified. Globalization increases economic activity across the world and opens up markets for foreign investment.
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