Impact Of Globalization On The United States

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Globalization is an extremely relevant concept in regards to the current shape of the world. Through globalization, ideas are shared across cultures leading to innovations in several departments. I would like to give an overall view and perspective of the impact of globalization on the United States from a macro look at how globalization is now shaping America. Likewise, I will discuss in more detail how globalization has impacted the United States as it relates to technology, trade, transportation, and environmental pollution. Lastly, I will explain the impact of globalization on the United States as to how it relates to these forces on domestic companies, workers, indigenous cultures, and other demographic groups within the country.
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Although globalization provides for lower priced goods in the United States, the drawback is that many Americans have lost jobs to lower paid workers outside the United States, who work in poor conditions. This occurs through the process of offshoring, which is defined as “the process by which companies undertake some activities at offshore locations” rather than within their “country of origin” (pg. 8). With American workers now competing with foreign workers in companies, many of them are being replaced. Globalization has also created a major trade deficit, which negatively impacts the ability of the United States to retain its power in the world.
From a more micro view of the impact of globalization on the United States, the impact of globalization on the United States is many-fold. The first impact is on jobs. Good jobs have drained from the US economy and have reached China, South East Asia, and other countries where the workers get lower salaries. The reduction in wages for workers strongly influence companies because it leads to an increase in profits. With globalization, outsourcing and offshoring has increased. When a company contracts out its HRM functions, book-keeping, and software making, it is outsourcing. Outsourcing can result in specialized services, lower costs, and no need for capital investment. In offshoring, instead of availing itself from domestic service
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