Impact Of Globalization On The World

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Globalization can be defined as the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016)

Globalization is the buzzword of today as someone think it could develop the international. People can contact different things in their own place which are from other countries. Moreover, internet is more important things in globalization whatever for personal or society as it can let us to contact the things in the outside such as the international news. Globalization let the world being ‘smaller’. Nevertheless, most of the interests are brought in by the developed countries. They cannot take care developing countries. As a result of these companies only want to bring in the profits, thus that arises a lot of issues because of globalization. The positive things just on the surface of globalization. The globalization can promote different cultures all over the world. That most the people can contact different cultures in their own place. For example, some companies would like to open shops in every country as has McDonald’s. ‘McDonald 's is the world’s leading Foodservice retailer, with more than 33,000 local restaurants serving over 64 million people in 119 countries every day. More than 75% of McDonald 's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local entrepreneurs.’ (McDonald’s, 2016) That all the people can know how is the American food culture like they
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