Impact Of Hurricane Katrina On The United States

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In October of 2012, a post-tropical cyclone swept its way through the Caribbean. The name of this cyclone is better known as Sandy. It began its journey to the East Coast as that of a tropical wave in the Caribbean, and in a matter of 6 hours turned into a tropical storm and then eventually a hurricane. The winds increased to up to 74 miles per hour. Sandy was a 5.8 out of 6 on NOAA’S s scale causing nearly 285 deaths, and costing nearly $367 billion. Although, this was a devastating hurricane, it could have been more destructive if the proper precautions were not taken before and during the storm. However, there are certain procedures that need to be improved in order to ensure the coasts are better protected. In the hurricane response plan, the main obligation was to ensure the effects of a natural disaster such as Sandy were minimized. Past experiences from the unfortunate events of Hurricane Katrina in terms of planning, providing and implementing effective relief efforts, aided the Federal government. The government was led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This organizations took every imperative step in the months preceding Hurricane Sandy. These steps included placing staff and valuable assets in the areas of impact. They were able to predict these locations before the storm made any major landfall. President Barak Obama became involved on October 28, when he signed emergency declarations for various states on the East Coast. These
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