Impact Of Immigration Laws On A Democratic Society

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Impacts of Immigration Laws in a Democratic Society: A Literature Review Immigration has changed drastically from the start of the 20th century up to the current age. Immigration is a topic that has had much controversy and debate with each new election and each year that passes. Liberals and Conservatives have many opposing viewpoints when it comes to such a touchy subject as that of immigration. Currently, Presidential candidate Donald Trump has some of the most controversial policies, ideas and thoughts pertaining to the current status of illegal immigrants entering the nation. This has sparked heated debate throughout both political parties and the American society that is currently setting the stage for a division between Trump supporters and other Americans that are more lenient with immigration. During the time of the Great Depression most of the world fell into a deep economic hole. Not many people could afford to move to different countries, nor wanted to due to the high rate of poverty throughout the world. This eventually changed over time. The main reasons behind immigrants migrating to other countries during the early 20th century were for religious and political reasons as well as relief from a lack of economic opportunity. In 1952, the Immigration and Naturalization Act was passed by congress. This act upheld the national origins quota system established by the Immigration Act of 1924 which limited the number of immigrants allowed to enter the
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