Impact Of Industrialism During The Late 1800 ' S

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Industrialism During the Late 1800 's

Student: Josh Averink
Teacher: Mrs. L. Bishop
Course: CHY4U
Date: 31/10/2014 During the 18th century to the mid 19th century many aspects of life were changing in Europe. The Industrial Revolution had major impacts on many areas of life. The reason for this was because people in Europe were beginning to realize that if they could make products to sell to people in large quantities they could make a lot more money. This drove factories to pop up all over the landscape and for people to move into the cities from their farms in search of new jobs. With the rise of factories manufacturing quickly became much more productive. The Industrial Revolution marks a major turning point in history. The Industrial Revolution began when the invention of the steam engine altered the way objects were produced. The spinning "jenny" played a large role in the changing of this. During the Industrial Revolution many aspects of European culture changed including economy, politics, social status, and industrial efficiency. In the early years of the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain was heavily affected due to its influence on Europe at the time, and its political state through these years. In Great Britain only six percent of men could vote prior to the Industrial Revolution. As time progressed more and more middle class factory owners began to want political power along with the rich nobles, this was because there was suddenly a larger
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