Impact Of Innovation On Public Sector

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Bason,C (2010) uses the term public sector innovation to refer to “the process of creating new ideas and turning them into value for society” .(Bason,2010) then goes on to discuss about the value public sector innovation holds and asserts that the public sector has four major components: productive, service experience, results and democracy. (Bason, 2010, p.34) There is evidence that innovation plays a crucial role in regulating in the public sector. Recent developments in public sector organisations have heightened the need for innovation, so this essay seeks to examine the use of innovation in key public sector institutions, e.g. healthcare and will also identify the challenges and advantages of co-production/personalisation and innovation in the public sector. Public sector innovation has less connotations with new product development and is more greatly linked to enhancing efficiency and quality of outcome. It consists of internal organisational procedures and structures leading, for instance to innovative ways to customer services which is commonly labelled as “client service innovation” or examples such as new methods to attain clients which is also described as “marketing innovation”. (Chryssou, 2014) Pivotal examples of innovation include, new technological use, the desire towards public-centric procedures with the outlook to provide uncomplicated services and more suitability. Additionally, employee empowerment which refers to granting staff permission to have
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