Impact Of Internationalization In Hospitality Industry

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Group 2, Hasan Utkarsh
Summited to- Ms Saroni Sarkar
Topic- Internationalization in Hospitality Industry Tourism

Major Points in essay.
Introduction to Hospitality -Strategies of internationalization in industry- Organizational Strategies for a Global Economy -Issues & impacts of internationalization to industry-Conclusion.

 A Brief Introduction To Hospitality Industry

 A brief introduction to hospitality industry can be given as, A service industry which includes many other industries in it like hotels, restaurants, lodges, resorts, tourism, etc. It also includes services like medical services and advisory service. This is a broadly profitable industry, spread all around the world and the profit in this industry is not steady at all, in compression to manufacturing industries. The hospitality industries
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 The aspects of Internationalization are very easy to identify, if the basic needs of current and future trends of market are kept in mind, this can be analysed and revelled by a reshaping a number of issues in the Internationalization of hospitality industry. Still in today’s time there are some are very multifaceted question that needs to clear and resolved such as follows; o International spread out with general product and brand position. o Organizational structures to tolerate delivery of services with local operational. o Train cross-border employee to support operations. o Using the world capital markets to source funding. o To create positive impacts of Internationalization on the hospitality industry.

 A positive impact can be created by the following;
 Exposure to different cultures
 Larger Market
 Boosts the economy
 Technology
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