Impact Of Internet On Society

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Impact of internet on society

The information super highway which is commonly called as internet has been defining the world for many years. With the invention of world wide web in the ninety eighteens the wireless network which connected people globally began to influence the society and people. The rise and growth of internet especially social networking media is very fast. The internet which in the beginning of this century was in a slow pace but after the end of the first decade the influence of the internet began to be high with the increase in numbers of users. The credit for making the internet so popular can be given to Face book which began in 2004 and changed the way people perceived internet altogether.

Internet became a place where people raised their voice, showing togetherness. It became a platform where one's identity which has been always in questioning could installed. It also witnessed the great revolutions which happened in the real world such as Arab revolution or Jasmine revolution. In India it helped in many moves such as Nirbhaya case and it has helped the Aam Aadmi Party for an extent to win in the elections. In Kerala the controversial move Kiss of love also got strengthened because of the same internet.

Even though these can be attributed as good qualities or benefits the negatives it resulted are also large in numbers. The violation of one’s privacy and freedom of speech is happening in the internet which should be at any cost avoided. Because

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