Impact Of Internet On Society

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Here we discuss the impacts of internet on politics and our society. Do Internet evaluation affects our life and aspects related to our life. The Internet is growing with such a speed that soon it will cover all aspects of our life. The author is explaining the new era of the internet as Pax Technica. The author is looking for the new impacts of internet on the society. The author describes here the five premises as internet as a weapon, devices used to govern, effect of digital networks on ideologies, how social media is helping and human security issue by internet. The author looks for the immense effects for empowering the citizens and making the government as a transparent information. Anyone can access information if it is a public source on internet. And as fast as it is growing soon the whole world will be on internet which leads to security issues. Poet also discuss how internet can help to control people. It also makes them to engage with the politics. Now this era will continue to build a more complex type of internet and it will lead to a open society.¬¬¬¬

Chapter no 5:
Author: Philip N. Howard Here the author discuss some five sequences of Pax Technica. As Internet is growing so vastly and it has some of its affects on society but still it’s a need. The author discusses the role of some dictators in this era and then accomplish it explicitly with different protocols and national intranet. Some consequences as mentioned are stability through

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