Impact Of Intervention On Health And Health Benefits And Risks

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Impact of Intervention The proposed intervention is intended to increase the utilization of established guidelines by AFP into the PCPs practice setting. This will therefore increase the access of the patients to PCPs who utilize the guidelines, which is intended to decrease the cost of treatment of AB and the quality of care will improve. The primary care goal is to improve identification, assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, and management of AB in the primary care setting by using the best evidence and to ensure clinical excellence and quality of care (Xiao-Fang Wang and Jian-Huo Hong, 2011). The quality measures include the importance of understanding the treatment of AB as well as the overall compliance to the treatment plan and health benefits and risks (Edmunds, M., & Mayhew, M., 2014). Evaluation Consistent utilization of guidelines recommended by AFP will be measured by the number of times the PCPs utilized the guidelines in their practice over three months. The number of utilization of guidelines will be evaluated each week, for every patient seen with signs and symptoms related to acute bronchitis. These results will be graphed and discussed with the clinicians. The clinicians will be evaluated and monitored for 12 weeks for guidelines adherence. The target goal is >90 % adherence by the end of the three-month trial period. This evaluation is based on the study done by Healthcare Effective Data and Information Set (HEDIS) to track the antibiotic prescription for AB
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