Impact Of Ipv4 And Ipv4 On Performance Of Youtube

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Impact of IPv4 and IPv6 on Performance of YouTube in Android and iOS
Srinibha,Neelam Jitendra,Bandhavi Vishnumolakala
Dept of Telecommunications Blekinge Institute of Technology
Karlskrona, Sweden
Abstract— As the ipv4 addresses are being exhausted, the globe is adopting ipv6 protocol in place of the ipv4 protocol. Also the number of YouTube users in android and iOS are increasing day-by-day. Under this scenario, the operator is concerned about the influence of both IP versions on the popular video streaming website YouTube in android as well as in iOS environments to provide better video streaming experience for the YouTube users. In this paper we emulated the android and iOS environments in windows platform. The emulators are connected to the Internet using both the Internet protocol versions and then the streaming parameters which give the performance of YouTube are calculated. The values of these parameters describe the impact of both IP versions.
Keywords— Keywords—Android; ipv4; ipv6; ipv6 tunnelling; iOS; YouTube performance;
The number of hosts requesting the Internet connection are increasing drastically in the present times. In order to establish Internet connection to the requested host, the host needs to be identified uniquely on the network. This unique identification is assigned to the host using the Internet protocol versions. Presently, the fourth IP version is in use but a survey conducted by the Internet society

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