Impact Of Jesus Has On Human Culture And Past

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To some, His name is nothing but a common word in the dictionary used to entertain and to express ingratitude; to another, His name defines their total existence, the way they live, and the answer to all mysteries. He is Jesus. Regardless of who men think He is, He is who He is from the beginning before the world begins and to the end after the world ends, because His existence is absolutely independent to any creature. As a human flesh, God limited His power and glory through the incarnation into the world, in order to save it. Along with many impacts Jesus has on human culture and past, He separated the human history into two halves when He died on the cross and rose again in three days. And great scholars originally called the first half of the period B.C, Before Christ, and named the second half of the period A.D, After Death. Due to the fact that many get offended by His name significantly, hence men changed the names of the periods from Before Christ to Before Common Era, and After Death to Common Era. To further push Jesus away, the culture views it as inappropriate and unprofessional to mention Christmas along with the color combination of red and green. By doing so, they replace “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holiday,” and Santa to Jesus.
Throughout the Bible in both Old Testament and New Testament, Jesus was mentioned with at least 105 different names, each with a very personified meaning which describes Jesus’ attributes and who He is. As a matter of fact, in…
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