Impact Of Litigation On Treatment Outcomes

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Chronic pain syndrome Impact of litigation on treatment outcomes Abstract: Chronic persistent pain poses major implications for the healthcare system.Chronic pain development can be from multiple sources and hence the treatment strategies and outcomes are often unpredictable.Ongoing litigation can complicate the picture even more as the relationship between treatment outcomes and ongoing litigation is often complex.Psychological factors also make it difficult to treat chronic pain syndromes.We would like to discuss the impact of ongoing litigation and chronic low back pain treatment outcome in one of our patients and…show more content…
She had seen different specialists at other hospitals as well.She was investigated extensively by the gynaecological team with regards to her chronic pelvic/abdominal pain symptoms as well.She also underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy.She was reviewed by the Musculoskeletal specialists regarding her low back pain and had her coccyx was removed due to an angulation probably following physical abuse.The MRI showed minor spondylotic changes of the disc without any nerve compression and normal sacroiliac joints.She was also under the treatment from Psychiatrists for depression.During consultation, she was tearful and anxious.She was accompanied by her partner during the consultation who was also concerned about the situation.There was also a history of multiple hospital admissions with acute pain conditions which was often inconclusive and there was difficulty in treating the acute episode by the medical
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