Impact Of Management On International Business Essay

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Impacts of Management in International Business A multinational business will face many ethics challenges, but with the right management and the right training, these challenges can be dealt with in an effective and ethical way. It’s sometimes hard to understand the thoughts one may have when making a decision that is unethical. The best thing to do is to think through all options you have and options you think you may not have before taking action. Businesses starting in a new country will face challenges such as having entry level labor that provides quality at a cheap cost. As many people know, there are companies that allow people to work in extremely poor conditions that can and will affect the health of its employees. Poor families send their children to work in these places as well to help provide essentials to living. Another example a business may face is protecting the environment. With the same excuse of needing to be competitive in a new territory, there are costs associated with proper disposal of waste and pollutants. Businesses have resorted to and continue to resort to damaging the environment by dumping their pollutants in rivers and natural habitats. Many countries still have little to no law enforcing proper disposal, resulting in damaging advantages. Finally my last example is dealing with unethical people in the area your business is now operating. When your business opens a location in a developing country, many people are poor. There are
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