Impact Of Market Segmentation On Customer Satisfaction

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UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE Department of Business Studies in Finance and Banking Faculty of Commerce The impacts of market segmentation on customer satisfaction in the banking industry of Zimbabwe. A case of CBZ Bank Limited Wealth Management Centre in Borrowdale. By KASPANOV SAUNGWEME R113796Y CHAPTER 3 Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor of Business Studies (Honors) Degree in Finance and Banking 3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.0 Overview A methodology is a framework within which facts are placed so that meaning is derived (Kamar, 2005).This chapter provides the guidelines on how the research is to be conducted. It focuses on the research method used to achieve the objectives of the study. It identifies the research design to be used. Population and sampling techniques are also discussed in this chapter. The chapter also identifies the sources of data used in the research. The research instruments to be used are also discussed in this section. The chapter also includes credibility issues pertaining to the research and the research framework to guide through the research. 3.1 Research Design The research design is defined by Casell and Symon, (2004) as the argument for the coherent logical steps to link the research objective and issues of data collection, analysis and interpretation. It is a blue print of how the research is to be conducted in fulfilling objectives and answering questions (Kamar, 2005). The method used is adopted

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