Impact Of Marketing On Internet + Era Essay

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First of all, write down four main parts, that are the new impact of marketing ways in Internet + era, the discussion of tourism promotion strategies on social network and the innovation form of Internet + tourism, in the end, it is conclusion.
About the first part, it will introduce the characteristics of the Internet + times, the rise of social networks, as well as the impact of both on the new means of marketing. The internet + times have three characteristics: First, it is cross-border integration. (黄楚新et al.,2015:6),they believe that internet +plan’ s external characterization is Internet + traditional industries and deep objectives is industrial upgrading + economic transformation. Second, it is reshaping the structure; the Internet has broken the traditional tourism industry structure that are original social structure, economic structure and cultural structure. Third, it is innovation-driven, using the Internet to change self-revolution and innovate. Moreover, Social media began in 1971, and now has developed very well. Since 2008, social media has combined with internet and has been booming on the Internet, the dissemination of information has become a vital part in people browsing the Internet. Constantinides (2014:42) said that social media is an interactive medium, unlike broadcast media, is created new technologies that can meet the needs of social interaction, which is different from the web2.0. In addition, with the development of the Internet and the rise
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