Impact Of Media On Gender And The Media

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Impact of Media on Gender
Annie Hernandez

Keiser University
August 13, 2014

Boys and girls have for long spans of time considered themselves to be different. The media and advertising has played a significant role to make sure that they influence the way that boys and girls view themselves. Society has always had a main focus on getting people to behave in certain ways, the media has been magnificent at causing each gender to classify themselves in particular ways that makes genders feel certain types of pressures to conform to what is expected of them. Gender representations in the media have become such a problem that there are oversight agencies that are being put together to help monitor the media.

For a number of years there has been a significant impact by the media on the way that genders interpret themselves. There is a countless level of effort that the media puts in to ensure that people abide by the gender roles that they created. In turn there is societal pressure to keep girls and boys in the roles that are considered to be normal. The sense of what is normal for each gender gets interpreted by the programming that the media offers. The way that genders are shown on television and in media are increasingly becoming important in the way that the media business functions.
It is evident that the media has a great deal of influence when it comes to the way that genders are perceived. The images that are placed in
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