Impact Of Media On The Media

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With the growth of technology, our use of media is greater than ever before. Without media, many of us would have difficulty accomplishing our daily and nightly routines. Society has become accustomed to using it for our education, work and relationships. But, we almost never stop and question about the impact that the media can have on younger viewers and our society? In this paper I will focus on the positive and negative roles that media has played on individuals and how mass media has influenced the criminal justice policy. To begin, some might ask What is mass media? Mass media is a large form of communication through various sources such as television, radio, telecommunications, newspaper, magazines and the internet. “Media in its various forms is omnipresent in modern life. It can shape our attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors in a variety of ways. One arena in which the media can exert a variety of influences is the legal system. The media, psychology, and the law intersect in a wide variety of contexts. Exposure to media, such as violent video games and pornography, can increase legally relevant behaviors such as aggression and criminal behaviors. Media can be used to facilitate or engage in criminal activity, such as pedophiles’ use of social media to access children and the use of the internet for cyberbullying.” (Groscup, 2015, pg. 314-315) To some extent, media is responsible for contributing negative feelings among individuals that have been exposed to it. Studies have shown that early exposure to malicious or violent films, books publishing vulgar adult content and news exposing horrendous social practices has a long-lasting impact on younger viewers. If children are exposed to fight sequences, stunt work, sex and/ or rape scenes, suicides and murders through the public media, they are bound to leave damage on these young impressionable minds. Children aren’t the only ones subjected to these platforms, adults may also be impacted. Adults may be expected to have the maturity to distinguish between the good and the bad, but when you bombard yourself with only the bad it can affect one at the subconscious level. “The news media are not mirrors, simply reflecting events in society...It has been

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