Impact Of Mergers And Acquisitions On Credit Unions

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The purpose of this research is to review the impact of mergers and acquisitions on credit unions as it applies to the principles of money and banking. Specifically we will review the impact of the merger between E & A Credit Union and First Community Federal Credit Union. Mergers and acquisitions are very common in today’s financial environment. According to the Glenn Christensen (2015), there has been an increase in approved mergers again this year, June 2015 over June 2014. Not only are there more and more mergers, the size of the merger is growing as well (Christensen, 2015). As we look at the history of financial institutions over the years, mergers and acquisitions are very common. Mergers and acquisitions have had a significant impact in the decline of the number of banks since 1985 (Mishkin, 2016). Over the past few decades, thousands of banks merged (Wilcox & Dopico, 2011). Credit unions have seen significant numbers in terms of mergers and acquisitions spanning over many years. In 1969 there were 23,866 credit unions with assets totaling $16 billion (Wilcox & Dopico, 2011). This number dropped dramatically by 2010 to only 7,491 credit unions (Wilcox & Dopico, 2011). The assets grew to $927 billion equaling 7.6% of bank assets in comparison to the only 3% held during 1969 (Wilcox & Dopico, 2011). Although there was a 70% reduction in the number of credit unions, credit unions grew in their share of the market.. Due to the structure of credit unions,

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