Impact Of Middle School Principal Leadership On The Schools

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This study examined the impact of middle school principal leadership on the integration of technology in selected middle schools within the Indianapolis Public School District. According to D. Crenshaw Director oflnformational Technology, the Indianapolis Public School District has invested millions of dollars in an attempt to implement technology into the classrooms of selective middle schools within its school district in order to enhance the overall education of inner city students (personal communication, May 31, 2007). However, questions have been raised regarding the leadership role of the middle school principals and their ability to effectively implement technology within their schools. General Background of Study The technology revolution is upon us. However, ... the success record in education is still. not encouraging; in fact, the way most teachers teach has changed little since the days of the one-room school-house. We tend to teach as we were taught or we adopt the teaching methodology of the teachers around us. (Heide & Henderson, 2001, p. 12) According to middle school principals, classroom observations have proven that if one walked into a classroom in many middle schools within the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), the largest public school district in the state of Indiana, one would often observe teachers continuing to educate students using outdated traditional methods. Students are usually sitting in straight rows in the classroom and are required to
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