Impact Of National Industrial Law And Regulation On The Botswana Public Service

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How have changes to national industrial law and regulation reshaped industrial relations in the Botswana public service?
The issues of industrial relations come from the early times. Today, these issues form part of the day to day management activities within private, public and all other types of organizations. Week in week cases are made at industrial courts that related employer employee relations matters. The statutory instruments such as industrial relations laws, dispute acts, public service acts, disciplinary hearing procedures, processes and standards to manage the conditions of service between the employer and employees. Mary Davis reminds the world of some odd scene that took place in 1834, otherwise commonly
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Following the establishment of a new government in 1966, the older laws were replaced by the Trade Unions Act No. 24 of 1969 and the Trade Dispute Act No. 28 of 1969 as well as the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act of 1969. Khama (1972: 14) the existence of Botswana Trade Union Education Centre will assist greatly in preparing organized labour to perform this role effectively. As it stands there a number of pieces of legislation set to govern labour relations. The rights and trade unions and these include: Employment Act 48.01, Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations Act (CAP 48:01), Trade Disputes Act (Cap 48:02), Workers Compensation Action and Public Service Act of 2008. These pieces labour relations acts clearly shows that labour issues are part and parcel of humanity and they are inseparable so long as employer and employee is part of the world order. During the preindustrial society the Roman Catholic Church did not condemn wealth, rather taught that the wealthy would care for the less privileged points out Bendix (2001. p.30). Bendix argue that with the advent of industrialization the concept of working capital, and thus of capitalism, replaced the notion of private wealth. Today the difference between capitalism and those who sell labour has not diminished rather the problem is mounting as the capitalist maximize profits by the day and the labourers getting poorer.
This paper is going to take a journey on how have
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