Impact Of New Technologies On Healthcare Costs

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Impact of New Technologies on Healthcare Costs Aim of This Project Healthcare costs continue to greatly exceed the rate of inflation and are one of the largest financial concerns in the United States. While technology is often anecdotally cited as being the largest contributor to this issue, we would delve deeper into the research and data available to verify whether this is true or not. The aim of this project is manifold. The first objective is to examine the costs which are associated with new technologies in healthcare, and with theses technological improvements, do increased investments and expenditures outweigh the quality outcomes they influence? This paper will also explore ‘problem areas’ in this sector where research shows that there is a vast amount of overspending for technology. We will also explore emerging technologies which demonstrate promise in decreasing healthcare spending and potential cost-effective, advantageous uses of these advances. In addition to this, we will determine prospective measures, such as governmental regulations, which may curtail the increasing costs and economic burden of technological advancements in healthcare. Using various economic theories and principles, described later, this project will also analyze various factors which allow technological innovations to consistently drive such unusually high healthcare spending. Issue and Importance—Why Look into Healthcare Technology Spending? According to the Centers for Medicare &
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