Impact Of Oil Spills On The Economy Of Northern Nigeria

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Abstract Over the years cases have been heard of destruction of the fertile area of Niger delta due to oil spills. The most affected area is in Nigeria where reports state that there have been more than 400 tons spills. The major reason given behind the spills is due to human mistakes. In a report provided by the national oil spills detection in Nigeria indicated that there were more than 1200 oil spill sites that had been left out by the oil companies by the year 2008 along the Niger delta. Even though the Niger delta from a front view shows the pace to good looking due to the green pastures found in the area, but in detailed review there have been severe damage inside the area since the fish that could be surviving have already died,…show more content…
15 2.3.1 Bioremediation approach. 16 2.3.2 Chemical and biological methods. 16 2.3.3 Physical methods. 16 Conclusion. 16 Chapter 3. 17 3.1 Methodology. 17 3.2 Tools for data collection. 18 3.3. Research Philosophy. 18 3.3.1 Epistemological and Ontological Assumption. 18 3.3.2 Phenomenology and Positivism.. 19 3.3.3. Qualitative and Quantitative Research. 19 3.4 interviews and research questions. 19 3.5The role of the research. 20 3.6Research period. 20 3.7 Ethics and Analysis. 21 3.8 Research Limitations. 21 Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction Niger Delta is Located in Southeast of Nigeria and has a history of being one of the most fertile land in Northern Nigeria. There is subsistence farming and fishing in this region that is mainly done by the natives of this place, and is inhibited by 3000 communities that have settled there for a long time doing farming as their major economic activities (Ikelegbe, 2013). The estimated population at the Niger Delta is 27 million people, of this population, 75% of the population relies upon agricultural activities for living. However, the water, air, forest and soil resources have been devastated because of the exploration of gas and oil resources. The key issue and problem associated with the oil recourse exploration is oil spills and gas flares. The local
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