Impact Of Organizational Change On The Workplace Change

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The word "Change" is generally defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different. However, our current interest lies with change happening on the scale of an organization. Different characterizations have been proposed over the years for organizational change, due to the fact that a clear definition was needed to distinguish it from the simple study of organizations. Such a definition would indicate that organizational change is a shift from a present state of organization to a future state over a given period of time (Beckhard and Harris, 1987). It would also include the size and magnitude of change that occurred (Dunphy and Stace, 1990) and also whether the change has taken place through a single radical metamorphosis or…show more content…
Further decisions by the new Chief Executive Officer have included closing 11 out of 65 plants worldwide, cutting 10000 jobs - 7 % of Sony 's global workforce - and shedding unprofitable products. According to Goodman & Rousseau (2004), this helped Sony render its decision-making process more effective, and reactive enough to adapt to the fast changing market of electronics. The objective was to bring down costs by $1.8 billion by March 2007 in order to effect a positive change on bottom lines. Mr. Stringer had indeed chosen a retrenchment strategy, based on cutting back and improving efficiency, with a divisional reorientation to enable a faster response to market threats and opportunities, combined with a growth strategy where products deemed obsolete, or redundant, were removed in favor of new innovative and differentiated products which were introduced to old and new markets at a competitive price for a chance to rival recently established standards like Sharp 's Televisions sets, Apple 's Ipod in the personal audio segment, and Microsoft 's Xbox in the gaming industry. Sony 's marketing strategy seems to have mirrored this ambition to innovate as the focus was put on viral marketing, a relatively novel word-of-mouth message spreading technique, with mixed results. Ultimately, the goal was to redefine Sony 's brand perception and bring in costumers
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