Impact Of Over Ten Years Of War On The Military

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Impact of over ten years of war on the military In October 2001, as a consequence of the attack on the twin towers in New York City, and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The President of the United States (POTUS) at the time George W. Bush, declared the war against the Taliban, more precisely against Osama Bin Laden, Who was the person responsible for the attack. For this reason the POTUS decided to send troops to the country of Afghanistan, to fight and capture the Taliban’s leaders, and bring them to justice. Two years after the conflict in Afghanistan began, the invasion to Iraq started, and the purpose of this new fight was to overthrow Saddam Hussein and his regime. These two engagements known as the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and…show more content…
The service members are not the only ones that the feel pain of these injuries and illnesses alone. Most of them are married and have dependent children. Some service members are married to another service member, making more difficult for the children, when both parent are deployed. During the past thirteen years these families have suffered extensive and multiple deployments, frequent relocations, and the very real threat of harm occurring to their loved one. Adversities and stress do not necessarily remit when service members return home. Dealing with with and managing a service member’s physical or psychological disability, occupational and financial challenges, and altered family roles represent common and sometimes permanent stressors. Definitely, many of the children in these families have never known life without the difficult realities of war. Military Families face a number of challenges before, during, and after deployment. The issues start when service member bring the news of a possible deployment to the spouse and the rest of the family. It starts with emotions, such as fear because of the possibility of the service member no coming back and anger for the reason that the spouse will have to stay at home dealing with everything alone. As the day of the deployment gets closer, the service member start a period of detachment and pulling out. This can happen to prepare the spouse and realize that the service member will be physically
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